Lithuanian producer of fully plant-based vegan products such as sausages, pates, etc. Our natural, handmade products are made with love and respect for our customers.With constant improvement we reveal the potential of plants and expand the boundaries of vegan cuisine. is a project that helps to enjoy tasty and ethical food. By giving people a decent gastronomic selection of familiar delicacies in a vegan performance we help to make the world kinder and more beautiful!

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About production

We develop plant-based delicacies which are based on proteins (wheat, soy), coconut oil and natural flavorings. Due to perfectly selected spices and the ``meat`` structure, our products have authentic taste which is similar to daily food. Don't believe it? Check it out and give a taste to your friends! All our products are natural. GMO-free. No artificial flavoring, dyes and preservatives.

The ingredients in our products

`` The basis of our sausages is wheat protein (Lithuanian production), soy protein (GMO-free), maize and potato starches, natural plant-based colouring agent of paprika, clean drinking water, essential and other aromatic oils, natural spices (coriander, paprika, nutmeg, black pepper, asafoetida), coconut oil.``

High quality standarts

1. We use only environmentally friendly products. 100%
2. We do not use GMOs and dangerous preservatives. 100%
3. We carefully check the quality of products at all stages of production. 100%
4. We are proud of what we do. 100%
5. Only vegans work in our factory. We maintain high standards of cleanliness in the preparation of our products. 100%