Lithuanian producer of fully plant-based vegan products such as sausages, pates, etc. It is natural, handmade products based on wheat and soy protein (GMO-free), maize and potato starches, natural plant-based colouring agent of paprika, clean drinking water, essential and other aromatic oils, natural spices (coriander, paprika, nutmeg, black pepper, asafoetida), coconut oil.

Bimala, LTD
Registration code 304934454
VAT LT100012041319
Manager Viktar Siarou, director
Address V. Nagevičiaus str. 3, LT-08237 Vilnius, Lithuania

Factory address:
Kalvarijų 122-64, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Phone number for order:
+370 66 77 35 77